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Bitchin' S10 Project Part 4 Removing The Front Clip

  1. Tony
    By this time, I pretty much couldn't hardly move and had to do even less work than I did when removing the bed. I still did some work on the truck removing parts, but mainly getting all of those busted blind nuts off! I'm not sure where this truck lived its life, but it had to be somewhere that had a lot of salt. Because almost every single one of them broke off!

    Removing the front clip gave us great access to the engine so that we could remove it. I have yet to even edit the footage we captured from removing the engine because it isn't that great. I was in excruciating pain by that time and it took every bit of energy I had to just get out to the garage, let alone do any work or... bend over to pick something up... It was not fun times to say the least.

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