Broke Auto - We Have A New Name!!!
  • We Have A New Name!!!

    Bitchin' Auto is now Broke Auto!

    Paul and I created this forum to be family friendly however we did not look at all aspects of the old name. In and of it's self it means "awesome", but people don't see it that way all the time. The stereotype of that name has to do with people that do drugs, drink heavily or are stoners. Not something we want associated with the forum.

    I received quite a few emails in reply to the one I sent out about changing the name and why. Most people couldn't believe someone would be offended by something like that. However as I stated to a couple people, you have to think of it in a different manner. As stated the word is not derogatory in any way. But, I want you to be the mother or father of a 16 year old girl that is wanting to learn about cars. If she comes into the house and says "I just found this new site Bitchin' Auto", most of the times it's not going to come off too great. For this reason, we figured Broke Auto would be a better fit.

    Now onto the new name. It has two meanings that coincide with each other. The first meaning is that of the automobile being broke down. The second is that of the person being broke or out of money. Lets face it, we don't have a lot of money to just throw at cars, okay most of us don't lol. So the name fits.

    In the coming weeks, we are going to try to get some articles written up as well as some videos hopefully on how to do things on the cheap. Who doesn't like saving a penny? But in the same aspect of being cheap, we are also going to do it in a safe manner that will not injure yourself, or your automobile.

    If any of you have any suggestions on what you would like to see on the forum, just let us know by replying to this article. Paul and I are pretty much exhausted on ideas and we need some fresh minds to help us out.

    We would also like to encourage you to write up your own articles. You can pick a place in the forum that is correct with what you are wanting to write about, and after Paul and I read them, if it is a good article, we will promote it for the world to see on the front page.

    So what are you waiting for, post up your articles and suggestions below before you forget them!
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    1. 1 Alibi's Avatar
      1 Alibi -
      The world is getting way too " PC " for my taste..
    1. Imarasgirl's Avatar
      Imarasgirl -
      Hey, I helped to! and i picked the icons with my pops!
    1. Tony's Avatar
      Tony -
      If you picked those icons, I really like them and you have good taste. Good to see you on here little sis.
    1. Imarasgirl's Avatar
      Imarasgirl -
    1. Tony's Avatar
      Tony -
      This is a forum, you need to type more than one word lol. We need to teach you how to wear out a keyboard like your dad and I do lol.
    1. Paulster2's Avatar
      Paulster2 -
      That's my girl!
    1. Tony's Avatar
      Tony -
      Forgot to post in this section lmao. So here it is...
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