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    Welcome To Bitcihin' Auto!

    Please forgive the mess on this site. We are in the process of cleaning up not only the Articles section (content.php), but also the forum. To access the forum, just click on the forum tab above, or CLICK HERE!

    Please feel free to create a blog and keep everyone up to date with everything that is going on with your projects. A blog is a GREAT place to post everything you are doing step by step. It's a much cleaner setup than posting in the forum, but please feel free to post in the forum as well.

    Again, we apologize for the mess.

    Bitchin' Auto is best viewed viewed in the following browsers! Enhance your Broke Auto Experience! That's right, we work with all browsers!!!

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    Help Browsing The Forum

    On the left of this page, you will see links to all of the pages in the Articles section. You can click on those links and it will guide you to all of the articles that we have here on

    At the top of the forum, you will see a header bar (called a NavBar) that has links to "Articles", "Forum", "Blogs", &"What's New". The Articles tab is where you are now as indicated by the flames behind it. The Forum tab is where all of the members post their threads. If you are a new member, click through all of the links to the left as well as the links at the top of the forum and get familiar with If you have any questions, post them up in the Forum.

    If you do not see some of the tabs mentioned, then you need to log in or register. Registration is FREE for EVERYONE, so sign up today. We will NEVER at any time sell or give away ANY of your information. I hate spam as much as you do, and I will not allow anyone to use my members information for any such practice.


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