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New Profile Posts

  1. Tony
    Tony Nade
    Nade, that is a great looking Mustang in your Avatar! Post up and let us know a little about it! Not in here, but in the forum lol.
    1. Nade
      Hi Tony! Finally made it over to sign up. Thanks for the plug on the Mustang! Sure I’ll post some info on the Mustang a bit later. It’s one I restore back in 1980.

      In case you’re not aware, I’m the one with the Bell 47GII.
      Jun 11, 2018
      Tony likes this.
    2. Tony
      Yes sir, it's awesome to see so many Rc Hobbyist also being car enthusiasts! And if you restored that car, that is AWESOME!!! I love hearing about people restoring cars themselves.
      Jun 11, 2018
  2. Nade
    Wanna play, you gotta pay!
  3. Ronnie Friedline
    Ronnie Friedline shinobmatt
    Hey matt is this Littlecreek? if so man lets get this site active, don't care if its the war pony, or the lex... hit it up on the forum man....
  4. Ronnie Friedline
    Ronnie Friedline Marc
    hey marc im tonys brother in law... do you know much about the shifter on the AOD of a 1991 lx 5.0
  5. rfriedline1
    rfriedline1 Tony
    Found these through walmart, thought they were pretty cool They are 100 bucks I could wear them while doing repairs and explain through the process...
  6. rfriedline1
    rfriedline1 Tony
    Let the camera see what you see in stunning HD with the POV Action Video Cameras ACG25-C1 High-Definition Action Camera Eyewear. The stylish sunglasses weigh only 1.3 oz and include a 3.0 megapixel pinhole CMOS High Definition video camera with 72-degree wide-angle lens. Video is recorded at 35 frames per seconds in the AVI format with a resolution of 1280 x 720. The ACG25-C1 also records audio with its built in microphone. The 4GB of onboard memory will record approximately 2 to 3 hours of the action. A Micro Secure Digital Card slot allows you to add up to 16GB of memory. The built-in Li-Polymer battery will give 3 - 4 hours of recording time. To watch the action, simply plug the unit into a computer with the USB cable included or upload to YouTube, no additional drivers needed. These versatile glasses include two sets of replacement lenses (clear and tinted) so you can use your glasses in virtually any setting.
  7. WS6kid
  8. rfriedline1
    rfriedline1 Tony
    yes there is a limit to insanity and it will help to keep it condensed to one area or page.
  9. Tony
    Tony rfriedline1
    Did you read that I'm shutting down Halss10.com? Everything will be done here on this forum
  10. rfriedline1
    rfriedline1 Tony
    thank you man right as i sent that I seen everything. On accident but it worked lmao
  11. Tony
    Tony rfriedline1
    click on settings at teh top of the forum, and on the left side of the page, you will see where you can change yoru profile pic, avatar and sig pic or info.
  12. rfriedline1
    rfriedline1 Tony
    hey how do you change your profile pic?
  13. rfriedline1
    rfriedline1 Tony
    I think so too.
  14. Tony
    Tony rfriedline1
    Yeah, I have a LOT more time on setting this one up as well. I think it took a week alone just to get the flames the way I wanted them. But, I think it will be worth it in the end when we start advertising and getting new members on here.
  15. rfriedline1
    rfriedline1 Tony
    Hey whats up tony this site looks bad ass man. Hell of a lot better than the last...
  16. Stripeman
    Great thanks much...
    Thank you much for the warm welcome.

    I like the look of the site.. Nice job !

    If you do not mind me mentioning.. the timeout for the sessions is cut too short. Someone is gonna spend a good deal of time putting together a post (like i did) and then submit and its gonna tell them that they have to log in again (as it did just now to me).

    Thanks again for the warm welcome !
  17. Tony
    Tony Stripeman
    Just wanted to take a second to thank you for joining the forum. If there is anything we can do to help out, just let us know. Also, any comments or suggestions as welcome as well.