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Young Kids & Project Cars On YouTube

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by Tony, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. Tony

    Tony Administrator Staff Member

    Feb 4, 2012
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    I will be the first to say, I absolutely LOVE it when I see the younger generation interested in cars. I'm not talking about daddy going out and buying them a brand new Hell Cat, I'm talking about them saving up money to go out and get a beater to work on and restore over time while they drive it. Learning about engines, electrical, fuel systems, suspension components and so on. This is just awesome and is one of the best memories of my younger self. But something is taking over the internet.....

    Complete MORONS are using daddy's money to purchase cars (one of which was a TOTALED Hell Cat) and are basically building them without knowing what the hell they are doing. Thanks to daddy knowing about cars and having a shop, these kids grab a camera and make thousands of dollars looking like complete MORONS!!!! Okay, they look like complete morons to someone that actually knows what the hell they are doing with a vehicle, such as myself.

    I watched a video where a kid with an absolutely stupid looking Amish beard and straight up to the sky spiked hair (like Wayne Static, Lead singer and founder of the band Static-X). He used daddy's money to go to a JUNK YARD and purchase a totaled Challenger HellCat. This car had the front end wrapped around a poll. This results in completely screwed frames (sub frames in this instance) and on this car the roof was even buckled. He went on and used daddy's money to completely rebuild this car and is probably going to flip it to someone that has no idea what this car has been though. As he talks on the video, it looks as if he is reading directly from a script. And not reading in a good way, I'm talking about reading like the fat kid in Billy Madison. Never blinking his eyes, very monotone, never using contractions and never showing any expression at all while talking into the camera.

    Then I just watched another video on a late model 3rd gen Firebird. I'm pretty sure this KID actually did purchase it since his neighbor hit him up at a party and said he wants it gone, and $100 takes it. My biggest gripe about this one (since he didn't do anything but wash it in that very long video) is that he never checked the oil before starting it (car had sat for over 3 years) and he didn't drain the gas out of it (you know it had ethanol in it....). He just fires it up with a new battery, rev's the piss out of it straight to the moon and then drives it home. Weather cracked tires, oil that has absolutely no viscosity left, gasoline that is nothing but varnish? Who cares....

    The firebird guy took off the drain plug on the oil pan with an impact, he put on the new filter with a huge pair of channel locks and he is so limp wristed that he had to take off the fill cap with those same channel locks.

    I think I'm going to have to stop watching these absolutely stupid videos of morons working on cars because it just shows how far downhill people are going when it comes to working on their own vehicles. Yes, that first guy saved a HellCat from the scrap heap, but he doesn't keep these cars, he repairs them, as half-assed as he can and then flips them. And I"m sure, since he does a lot of higher end vehicles like this (such as the GTR he is rebuilding that had a totaled front end) he has found a way to take "Salvaged" off the title and sell these things free and clear which is BULLSHIT!!!

    What the hell happened to doing things right? If this is how the world is going to go, I quite honestly don't want to be in it any longer than I have to. Everyone now days needs a "safe place" where there is no cussing, no smoking, no vaping, no animal killing, tree hugging hippy bullshit. Fuck that! I'm going to fix shit correctly, I'm going to get oil on my hands (it causes cancer you know, but only in California and I don't live in that bullshit state), I'm going to bleed, I'm going to be sore, I'm going to cuss, I'm going to smoke (or vape) and I'm going to have a huge slab of RED MEAT on my smoker so I can eat the shit out of it!!!

    If you are a "I need a safe place" fucking moron and you actually read this, in my most polite way possible I would like to invite you to go fuck yourself and choke on a carrot. You should not be breathing the same air as I am and your mother should have ingested a little more protein by swallowing your ass or at least spitting your ass into the trash can, sink or toilet. You are an "everything offends me" crybaby bitch.

    Okay, I'm done. It's going to be hard to stay out of jail for the rest of my life with these pansy ass bitches running around this world.

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